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📍 Dokhuis, Amsterdam

Dokhuis Night

18 - 23h Dok for Peace | Benefit Art Exhibition.

18h Moroccan Food / Harira & Couscous with veggies / € 7,50 (cash only)

19h30 Emma Feldhandler Quartet (donation-based)

The Emma Feldhandler Quartet is an international project formed by 4 musicians from the Conservatory of Amsterdam ; Tijs Klaassen (double bass), Federica Lorusso (piano), Chen Har Even (drums), and Emma Feldhandler (guitar/composition).Through her compositions, Emma explores her imagination and sensibility. She’s inspired by composers as Charles Mingus or Cecile McLorin Salvant, cinema (Gena Rowlands or John Cassavettes), danse (Wayne McGregor), or people she meets. Interplaying between the musicians is essential to the arrangement of the compositions ; the songs are feed by the talent and sensibility of every musicians.

Bron: https://radar.squat.net/en/event/amsterdam/dokhuis-galerie/2022-05-12/dokhuis-night-emma-feldhandler-quartet-0

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