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📍 Grounded, Utrecht

i! With this short message we’d like to invite you to the Food Autonomy Festival!

🤔 What? 🤔
FAF is a non-profit event organized by volunteers as part of ASEED, and is about presenting and celebrating alternatives and resistance to the state and corporate-controlled industrial food system. It’ll be a day of learning practical skills for growing (or finding…) your own food, hearing peoples’ experiences of gaining access to land, building alternatives, forging resistance, and sharing in the collective enthusiasm for an autonomous future!

📆 When? 📆
The festival will be the last weekend of may (27/28/29th)

📍Where? 📍
Friday: De Voorkamer, Kanaalstraat 225, 3531 CJ Utrecht
Saturday: to be announced
Sunday: Lunetten fort (Lunet I, 3585 LD Utrecht)

🔗 Links🔗
Website: https://aseed.net/faf-6/
Facebook event: [www.facebook.com/events/325897549672136]

Bron: https://radar.squat.net/en/node/406158

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