Welcome to the Forum for Anarchism. Run by Anarchists, and for Anarchists, activists or like-minded people. No privacy trackers or other nonsense and a place where we make the rules ourselves. Our mission with FvA is to build online communities for anarchists and like-minded people in and around the Netherlands (but international communities are also welcome of course). At the moment, there is some one-way traffic in terms of blogs and websites, but not many places to exchange ideas, discuss or meet people. We hope to be able to change some of that thanks to this forum.

You can subscribe to the different communities here, post messages and links, upvote articles, post comments and send others direct messages. Each community also has an RSS feed that you can link to your RSS feed reader to stay up to date.

We also have a special community called !anarcho_krant, which is linked to almost all Dutch anarchist websites. It will be automatically updated when a new article appears on one of the sites. Most are only in Dutch.

We also have a telegram chat if you are interested in it which can be found here

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Digital Anarchist

Hey @anarcho_hyper, thanks for making the community :). This can function as the main English community. I’m working on making the forum also more English friendly. So I made this second welcome post is there a possibility we can pin this to the top here?

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