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After the leaks of US Neo-Nazi forum “Iron March” several far-right meeting points and identities have been revealed. Following this Antifascist took action against these meeting point, as you do not discuss with Nazis history has shown. Now Lina as the alleged leader of these attacks is in prison t…

It comes increasingly to exposure and repression of left wing activism. This article might be more relevant than ever. …

Time to take back the streets!

This Saturday Mercatorplein 15:00 bring your comrades! …

Time to take back the streets!

This Saturday Mercatorplein 15:00 bring your comrades! …

There is movement on the matter will keep the comrades here up to date so you can mobilise in case something comes out of it.

Well you have of course sympathy for Rosa’s biography in all kinds of antifascist circles. Still this event attracts all kinds of groups even GDR nostalgic groups like the FDJ (Freie Deutsche Jugend) the youth organisation of the SED (GDR’s/ Hoenekers party) with which ideolgy most of the scene disagrees even Tankies haha. It also makes a lot of sense, I want to point out here to, dislike them. Their flags are illegal in West Germany but remained legal after the fall of the wall in East germany. Still, at this event in East Berlin a few weeks ago the police wouldn’t let the demo march and attacked after a while the FDJ block incredibly violently. All kinds of groups showed united solidarity in direct response attempting to stop the cops from attacking literally also kids but also afterwards unifying statements against police represssion.

So what fascinates me about this annually happening demo is the amount of people that can be mobilised, making it probably the most important and impressive event for the radical left in Germany. Unity in sharing a problem definition the rise of fascism and capitalism, everything Rosa Luxemburg was fighting against leading to hear murder by the Freikorps.

I do, however, want to point out that the German left is highly divided as the Dutch left is,too. And this for good reasons ideologically problematic groups are a horror. Correct political analysis is important especially for the long run

Awesome! Thanks in advance. An interesting debate to have beforehand is to what extent ideological diversity can be beneficial to a strong statement? Not talking about Groen-Links here of course. But Anti-capitalism as an attempt to unite the radical left? Or excluding tankies and organisations like internationale socialisten because of very problematic instances and ideological stances? Recently the Rosa Luxemburg memorial demo in Berlin had really shown how although clearly separated in block how unity against capitalism and police repression may be strong. Not making a statement in favor or against here just an important debate to have, that we are having all the time with good arguments on both sides.

Also important that not only Dutch organisations feel invited our kurdish, iranian comrades and so on, too

@ all organised groups in NL particularly Amsterdam

Recently we have published an article about the need for an antifascist stance against the anti-lockdown protest (Blame the Game) on indymedia. We were very happy to see that a lot of people agreed, liked and could align with the statement. Further, the sharing on the telegram channel was highly…