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Waar je em nu hebt geplaatst is top!

Anarchist Pedagogies Network

A network for sharing and supporting anarchist ideas and experiences in education…

Wealth, shown to scale Inequality in the United States is out of control. Here we visualize the issue in a unique way…

Onderwerp: Uitzetting kraakpand Reactorweg moet stoppen!

Hoi allemaal, In Utrecht moet een kraakpand wat anderhalfjaar geleden is gekraakt ruimte maken voor feestende studenten. Dit pikken we niet en daarom vragen we jullie of jullie aub dit formulier willen invullen (zie hieronder voor het onderwerp en de tekst). Alvast bedankt!..

Technische mededeling

Van de Pasen lag de site er even uit of werkte niet helemaal volledig. Dit kwam door technische werkzaamheden…

Enough 14 on Twitter

After many others (Us, but also @crimethinc, @IGD_News & many others) #Facebook now also censors @radiofragmata. That this happens when the ND regime is about to let Dimitris #Koufontinas die is probably not a coincidence. But we all will not be silenced! #DeleteFacebook!

Radical Solidarity. Fighting fascism and capitalism…

Hey I see, it worked out :). We made a post here for the even:

We will keep promoting it till then and if there is anything more we can help with let us know!

Hoii, welkom :) Mocht je vragen hebben of opmerkingen over het forum laat ons het weten. Er komt langzamerhand steeds meer leven in dus das een goed teken.

Hey @anarcho_hyper, thanks for making the community :). This can function as the main English community. I’m working on making the forum also more English friendly. So I made this second welcome post is there a possibility we can pin this to the top here?

An insightful and strong message, we shared it in our telegram channel and will share it tomorrow on the FvA twitter.

Ai, helaas is er nog geen zoom functie of iets om in de de afbeeldingen in de comments uit te vergroten. Hier is de afbeelding groter te bekijken:


DaT Is MaAr ToEvaL

Hey, there was a small discussion going on between Vrije Bond members but it kinda dropped silenced.

I do have this article to share that gives a pretty good analysis on the landscape of the anti lockdown movement in Germany but I think a lot of it is true for the Netherlands also.

For now I wish there were more people on the platform to join in to the conversation but I’m afraid the platform is a bit to new still. We are working hard to promote it and if you can please share it in your anarchist circle to get people to join in to. The more people the better it functions.

Hi, sounds like a good idea and can imagine there are more people out there who wanna join. With FvA we can help with the promotion, but FvA it self is not a group (yet?), we only provide platforms for people to communicate, share ideas, actions, and to come together.

We passed the massage along to Vrije Bond, but I think they would be willing to join for sure.

In the meantime we can maybe brainstorm about other groups to join, does any one reading this know other groups that might be interested to join?

(technical note: you can send message directly to each other, so you don’t have to share you emails or other details here in the open. Make sure you have an account and just click on the user name you would like to send a message to. Then there is a big button with ‘send message’)

Nou deze versie is voorzien van commentaar, dus er word hier en daar verteld of de wetenschap nu iedeeen van heb heeft weerlegt of bepaalde context qua tijd word duidelijk gemaakt